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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud (or dark) kitchens like those offered by Collective Kitchens are an informal name for a delivery-only restaurant. They are commercial kitchens that prepare food for customers via delivery (either by collection or using a driver) but do not offer dine-in facilities.

Cloud kitchens are typically quicker and cheaper to set up. Collective Kitchens provide all the infrastructure (things like extraction units, gas connections, plumbing requirements etc.) as well as basic equipment. You just need to turn up with your ingredients and staff and start cooking. The running costs are also cheaper than traditional restaurants with fewer staff and no front of house to manage. Plus, cloud kitchens are more flexible – you have the ability to change your menu at the click of a button, run two or more brands out the same space and sign flexible subscription agreements.

The kitchen units vary in size according to location and purpose. Individual units are typically 20m2 although adjacent units can be combined to double the size of any one space. Special sizing or layout requests will be considered by Collective Kitchens.

The kitchens do not offer seating space for customers. All orders are for delivery, either by collection or using a delivery driver. Customers are able to order and collect their food but there is no space to eat at the kitchens.

Customers are able to collect their orders from the designated collection areas at the kitchens. 

You may use your own delivery drivers over and above the use of the delivery apps such as Uber Eats and Mr D. Chat to us for more details and how to set this up.

Different delivery providers offer different delivery radii. Uber Eats offers approximately 4km radius (8km diameter) from the kitchen whist Mr D offers a 5km radius (10km diameter). Other apps like Fatafat and Mr Fasty offer a 10km+ radius (20km+ diameter) If you use your own delivery drivers, you are able to choose your own delivery radius.

The collection of meals is the responsibility of each restaurant operator. It is the restaurant’s responsibility to ensure the correct meals are handed over to delivery drivers.

The simple answer is you can cook whatever you want with some obvious exclusions. You can’t cook anything poisonous or hazardous that may harm those around you either by noxious fumes or other means. Nothing illegal either, this isn’t Breaking Bad.

Collective Kitchens FAQ
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Yes, depending on your subscription plan included in the fee is use of the office space and communal facilities including ablutions, shared storage and refrigeration, parking and more.

Subscription plans that include kitchen equipment come with the following standardised equipment:

  • Refrigeration (underbar and access to a cold room)
  • Freezing
  • Gas burner
  • Flat top grill
  • Sinks (handwash, prep and wash)
  • Stainless steel work tables including central island
  • Storage space (shelving and central dry storage room)

You may bring in your own equipment and are encouraged to do so. We however need to perform a simple check of each item you bring in to ensure it complies with the electrical or gas requirements of the facility.

The use of the equipment is the responsibility of the restaurants. In the event any equipment is broken or damaged, it is for the account of the restaurant to pay for the equipment to be replaced. This does not apply to any manufacturing faults in which case such fault must immediately brought to the attention of Collective Kitchens to rectify. A full inspection of all equipment is performed before taking occupation of a unit.

Collective Kitchens are built using best-in-class kitchen design and materials. All units come with a high fire rating, easily cleanable and hygienic equipment and fittings. COA and other licensing requirements required to operate are obtained by Collective Kitchens.

All utility costs are for the account of the restaurant operator and managed using prepaid meters within the kitchen units.

Refuse is managed centrally but is the responsibility of each kitchen unit to ensure refuse is taken and adequately disposed of in the central refuse areas. 

We offer 24 hour access to the kitchens and have security on site 24/7

Each Collective Kitchen premises has different security requirements, however as a minimum, each site has a facilities manager present that is directly responsible for Collective Kitchens. In most instances, there is further 24/7 security that comes standard in the business park that monitors access control as well as security cameras and armed response.

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